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All About You

You want a stand that provides the ideal environment to promote your business and to engage effectively with your audience.

You’re tired of being envious of your competitors’ stands. You want original ideas from a responsive and responsible supplier who anticipates your needs and manages your entire project for you.

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Whether you have a small, one off stand or an entire programme of events spanning several countries and venues, you want a supplier that has the creative talent, skills and organisational know-how to design, develop and deliver your events.

You want all of your budget and delivery expectations met with the minimum of fuss – no dramas and no stress, just a high level of professionalism and personal service.

All About Us

Inspired design and solid project management is at the heart of everything we do for you.

Our blend of creative thinking, practical experience, and cost effective project management ensures you achieve the maximum benefit from your events.

We give you intelligent, well-considered design options and transparent costs. Making the informed choices needed to achieve your event goals and stay firmly in control of your budgets couldn’t be any easier for you.

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We design, construct, install and manage your event projects from end to end. You turn up to a completed stand, with all AV, catering, graphics, furniture, lighting and power in place, ready to go and ready for you to do business!

Anticipating your needs and being proactive in everything we do for you is second nature to us. You’ll never have to do all of the thinking on your own ever again!

What We Do


First we listen. Then we ask the right questions so we understand your immediate and future needs and everything that’s important to you.

Environments that deliver strong emotional messages to drive engagement, one to one or theatre presentations, product demos, hospitality and technology led engagement and lead generation tools are just a few of the ways you’ll engage and influence your audience.

Close cooperation and a strong two-way dialogue between us is the foundation of a collaborative approach that delivers the results you deserve.


Intelligent and effective project management ensures everything is in the right place at the right time.

We execute every project with a foresight and industry experience gained from years of helping a diverse range of satisfied customers achieve successful and stress free events in many different countries.

Even though we travel far and wide, we’re only ever a phone call away so you’ll never be kept in the dark. Regular personal contact, updates and feedback keep you fully informed as your project progresses.


There’s more to getting noticed and connecting with your audience than simply looking good.

Equally as important to your overall success is the ease with which your audience are able to make genuine and meaningful contact with you, not only during but before and after your events.

Of course we make you look good but we also take the time to consider the bigger picture with you and to explore the options available to ensure you achieve the maximum impact and benefit throughout your entire events cycle.

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